on that pittsburgh grind

The story is slowly but surely coming together. I’ve gotten to spend some time in the studio with some Lioness and MaVe, two talented artists from the area. Nuke took me to a 412 Coalition meeting last night – pretty much a group of emcees, producers and djs who love hip hop and are trying to band together and get their business right to get it straight in these rough times. Everyone I’ve met has been amazing. Here are some frames.
I’m working with photoshop cs on a macbook here, which is like toning with oven mitts on. Bear with me.

Some mornings I wake up and have to check myself – I cannot believe I lucked into calling this a job. When I take pictures I forget I exist, which is the best feeling there is.


4 thoughts on “on that pittsburgh grind

  1. love the fourth frame. something about the open notebook with semi blank pages that intrigues me. nice work skirt! keep it up. cant wait to see what you get. Any video or multimedia planned?

  2. That feeling is addictive in the best way. I’m jonesin’ for it and I’ve only been resting / prepping for work for a few weeks since the last story. We are lucky creatures.

  3. Words cannot express how i feel to see this article. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the world. I am a part of this movement the 412Coalition. We are a group of individuals range from rappers, producers, dj’s, club owners, promoters and a host of other talents and arts in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We would refer to ourselves as the next BIG MOVEMENT……if interested please contact 412coalition@gmail.com

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