we are exhausted/we are exhilarated

I went to LOOK3 in Charlottesville this past weekend and had the best time. It was awesome to be around so many similarly driven, intensely creative people and chilling, looking at inspiring work, talking about projects and drinking so much beer. I brought my 5d and a 50mm.

I don’t start at the Valley News until July but I’m feeling super great these days and looking forward to getting there and beginning an incredible six months. I’m shooting much looser – a lot of these are from the hip – and less of the constrained crap I was pulling before. I had a lot of great conversations with people this weekend, but ultimately I think the most fruitful ones happened on the porch of the house I rented with 10 like-minded fools.

Fuck it. Do what you love. The rest will fall into place.
See you in New Hampshire.

david alan harvey lights a portrait with a candle and pop-up flash during his lighting workshop on thursday in charlottesville


from luceo’s gallery party on thursday night. pour that.

from luceo’s gallery party on friday night. go on girl


from luceo’s gallery party on thursday night. what do you mean, you’re out of white?


ashley gilbertson, talking about bedrooms of the fallen. super moving. it’s an incredible feeling to realize that if we care about or even are just interested in something, we can do something about it. who else has that luxury?


from SHOTS at the pavilion – so much inspiring work to be seen, so much bourbon to be had


from SHOTS at the pavilion. these people are my friends and they are great.


the best part of this photo is not david alan harvey in the foreground but rather johnny, the greatest cab driver in america. what’s that? no, bro. this sublime tape can’t go any louder.


scenes from MJR’s rooftop on friday night


in the back with the boys at the closing night show in the pavilion


waiting for a cab back to the house at daybreak on sunday morning. see you next year.

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