irene: recovery

that baby cow is one of the lucky ones. there were several directly behind me that also didn’t get untied before the water came in and weren’t able to keep their heads above it. by the time a road got cut to this isolated farm, their drowned corpses were already bloated and stinking. or maybe that was the half a foot of river mud and debris that had accumulated in the barn. boots on, shovels up, muck out.

Damaris and Mel have a lot of friends in town and nearly a dozen of them showed up after work to help them begin to sift through the destruction at Taste of Africa.

Some of the nonelectrical stainless steel equipment could be salvaged once it was thoroughly bleached, but not much. Damaris and her friend of 18 years, Deb Scott, are hosing off what they can save. “I have to laugh, you know, because what else am I going to do?” Damaris wondered before she grabbed a hose.

Rex’s Automotive in West Hartford was totaled. Michael White is a family friend who showed up to help them squegee out the mud and take all of the wrecked equipment and motors to the dump.

That woman is an property adjustor who has come to analyze the damage to this ruined trailer park for the insurance claim. I’m not really sure why she decided to wear flip flops on this endeavor.

At the same trailer park, I was walking with a guy named Steve as he showed me his ruined property when he pointed these out to me. Look, he said, they’re barely dirty. I think they’ll live.


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