critical mass of children


In case you were wondering, getting a good picture of hockey is pretty close to impossible. I’m going to keep trying.


5 thoughts on “critical mass of children

  1. it’s actually closer to possible than you might think. one approach would be to grab a long lens – i guess a 300mm would do in the dartmouth arena – and find a high vantage point. if i remember it right, at dartmouth, the reporters’ seats are in a pretty high spot.

  2. catalin, i tried that! i got some good photos with action and the puck in the picture, but i was frustrated by the lack of faces. it was hard to make a connection to the picture, you know? the reporters seats were a little too high for me… i stood at the top of the stands and shot above the glass from there. hmm. it was my first hockey game so i’m hoping it’ll get better with practice.

  3. forgot to mention: it’s always best when you get a moment when the puck’s up in the air and the players look up 🙂

  4. Primarily focus on the goalie and the net. The net is where all the action will ultimately end-up. I usually find that I always come away with something good when I take this approach. Don’t be afraid to fire off big bursts as stuff explodes in front of the net. I generally shoot with a 300mm from the penalty box or a high vantage.

    Here are a couple examples…



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