to make a home

I’ve been working on a story about the Robbins family, who lost their home in a fire about a month ago. They’ve been the most gracious and welcoming people to have spent time with during the month of December and I am glad I got to know them. This started out as a sort of “who helps the helpers?” story because Jackie (pictured) and her family helped their neighbors out a lot during Irene. But ultimately, losing your home to a fire is just a shitty thing that happens and when I was photographing them at their motel, something else occurred to me. I was standing on a chair trying to get a picture of the family eating dinner next to the pool because they didn’t have the space to in their room — literally five people sitting in this totally unnatural environment, eating rice out of a tub and not caring — that it occurred to me that living is really only about the people who love you. So there’s that.
The Robbins moved into a temporary house three days before Christmas. They’re going to rebuild their house in the spring.


One thought on “to make a home

  1. Beautiful story, great work! I agree with you, life is about the people who love you, but not only, it is about the people you love as well. Great if these two kinds of love come along and balance each other in internal harmony of life, it brings great happiness and satisfaction….
    Merry Christmas to all people we love and all who loves us…

    Be safe and stay healthy, Merry Christmas and a productive day at work to you,

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