in this space, our faith

In my last month at the Valley News, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the people of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church while they worshipped in Claremont, NH. I chose to do this story for a lot of reasons: the ornate nature of Orthodox worship certainly lends itself well to visuals and the church was open and did not restrict me while I was photographing during service. Even when I needed to stand on pews. Mostly, though, I went because my ideas about faith are conflicted ones, and my understanding of such devotion is pretty limited. My family emigrated from Russia when I was very young — where I come from, religion was literally illegal. As a result I’ve grown into a very pragmatic, liberal adult but a curiosity and appreciation for that unknown still lingers in me. The world is a dark place. And people look for light however they can.

Some outtakes that didn’t make it into the story edit:


5 thoughts on “in this space, our faith

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love that the black and white makes all the fine texture,and the contrast between light and darkness, really pop!

  2. Great photos. I am not an atheist but if I were I would still attend an orthodox parish – there is light and life there, whether human, divine or both it speaks to something higher and better.

  3. Dear family: I was touched and moved to see you all in this context. Thanks for sharing. We/I miss you VERY much. G.Diane

  4. Jason (my boyfriend) took me to an orthodox Easter service once. The thing that was most curious for me was my desire to sit down. There were very few pews, and the only people sitting were children and pregnant women. Some odd pride kept this gay atheist standing during this two hour event.

    Ryan Keast

    P.S. I’m baking a cake in the shape of your nubile body.

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