action bronson at bb king’s for npr music

probably the prettiest live picture i’ve taken in a long time — this was taken standing on the stage after action had climbed into the audience and then onto the bar at bb king’s. what a great show


neighborhood nip for npr music

ain’t no love (in the heart of the city)

I photographed the protests here in NYC after the decision came down to not indict Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner. Things got intense once the march reached Times Square and there were a fair number of arrests, but overall the demonstrations stayed peaceful. Proud of my city.

The intersection of Sixth Ave. and 34th St… The march effectively shut down traffic in Herald Square.

Mary J. Blige for NPR

30 seconds in a back hallway after the interview. Big ups to setting up lighting ahead of time.

da rockweirder

I went to a Method Man and Redman concert on the day before Thanksgiving last month. It was weird! Mick Jenkins opened and Method Man almost kicked me in the head during his set. I pulled Mick Jenkins aside for a portrait after his set.

Willanthonys brought his own homemade fan gear from Syracuse to the front row.

Mick Jenkins

this house is a sinking ship

Some evenings, the same dormant sins arise. I am reduced to peering at your borrowed face in my own reflection¬†and asking the questions I know will stay unanswered. What is it that is so bad about us, about this place? Doesn’t everybody want to be found?

only in dreams

photos from a lost weekend in vermont with an expired roll of film in a camera with an unreliable shutter